1. ONE STOP SHOP: Available online 24/7; One invoice and one payment; One final report, on-line or on paper.
We offer our 20 years of experience and responsibility; We have an internal management software with stage alerts, which excludes any delay.
3. SAVE TIME, SAVE COSTS: One simple order; Complete and transparent estimation on the spot; The best fees on the IP market; Direct coverage in many countries; One bank commission and budget control; E-mail and on-line services with no bureaucracy involved; Pay by credit card, PayPal or by bank order.
You may also request a quote by writing to us to: office@intelliquestip.com




How to use the form below: Fill in the number of the patents for which you want to pay the annuity fee and their type . Then you will have to fill in the countries data for each one in turn and in the bottom of the page the estimated price is displayed . In the further steps you can pay the service by Paypal
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